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List of Useful Online Resources

Andre LaMere provides legal advice at the popular Legal Access Point clinic.

We know it’s hard to keep all the links to different legal resources straight so we’ve gathered them all on this page. Please check it out and bookmark it for future reference. Please note that most of these links will take you to other organizations' websites, including the courts, the Minnesota Legal Services Coalition, ProJusticeMN, and LawHelpMN.

As resources are updated, we’ll post them to this page so check back from time to time! If you’d like something added – please let Martha know (612-752-6676). Thanks!

Link to resources for commonly-provided brief services

VLN Resource and Referral Handbook - By legal issue, lists resources for finding the law and the services provided by the main legal services providers in Hennepin County (updated March 28, 2013)

General Civil Clinic Resource Index (updated January 2012)

VLN Clinic Data Sheet (updated February 2012)

Links to resource categories below:

Hot Doc Forms  
Other Resources  
Referral Options  
Hennepin County Specific
Court Services in Other Counties  
Information to Review Prior to Clinic  

Online Resources Video Tour

New! More trainings to help you prepare for clinics




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Hot Doc Forms (need to register with ProJusticeMN and/or Hot Docs as a pro bono or legal aid attorney)

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Hennepin County Specific

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Consumer Related

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Housing Related

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Mechanics Lien Tools

For Home Owners/Leasers and General Overview of Process

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Court Services in Other Counties (for referrals)

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Referrals (note: when in doubt, please feel free to call the VLN Client Intake Line to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff: 612-752-6677)

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Information useful to review prior to volunteering at a clinic

Support for Clinics Attorneys - please read this overview of VLN's support for your work at clinics

Looking for directions to one of our Legal Advice Clinics? Click here for an online map!

Clinic Resource Orientation materials Hear from the experts where to find the information you need most at clinics!

The following are short video introductions to the vast online resources regarding Minnesota law, especially on issues common to people in poverty. These resources make it possible to provide quality legal advice and brief services on issues with which attorneys may not be otherwise familiar (including security deposits, garnishments, civil forms, etc.). Thanks to Shannon Drake-Buhr for creating them!

Part 1: Resources Available on LawHelpMN and

Part 2: Resources Available on the Courts and Minnesota Statutes Websites

Part 3: Resources Available on the VLN, Minnesota AG, MN Dept of Commerce, etc., Websites

Outline of presentations (with web links)



NEW! More trainings to help you prepare for clinics!


·         Pat Burns’ webinar regarding Unbundled Legal Services – Professional Responsibility Issues

·         A short (25-minute) excerpt regarding practices of best clinics attorneys from a webinar I did on Volunteering at VLN Clinics.

·         Working with Pro Bono Clients webinar, which will sometimes be replayed by VLN for elimination of bias credits (but which attorneys can watch on their own at any time).



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