Clinic Assistant Training Page

Thank you for your interest in helping to protect the basic human rights of struggling individuals and families. Laws protect basic human rights, but without a lawyer, one can be deprived of those protections. As a clinic assistant, you will help lawyers prevent unlawful harm in our community and stop abuse, harassment and injustice.

If you have not yet talked with someone at VLN about being a Clinic Assistant, you may complete this form to indicate your interest and, if there are openings, have someone contact you.

If you have been accepted into the VLN Clinic Assistant Program, this page is designed to assist you in learning about the requirements, tasks, and resources of the position. Some of the materials are designed to be reviewed prior to your first shift at the LAP or CCC clinic and others after a few weeks, when you will better appreciate their relevance to your duties. All steps have been created to enhance your learning as much as possible.

Thank you, and please don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor if you have any questions (or any suggestions as to how we may improve this training).



1. After shadowing, but before staffing your first shift at the clinic, please review:

                  Part 1: Resources Available on LawHelpMN and

                  Part 2: Resources Available on the Courts and Minnesota Statutes Websites

                  Part 3: Resources Available on the VLN, Minnesota AG, MN Dept of Commerce, etc., Websites

                  Outline of presentations (with web links)

  • After watching the above videos, complete this exercise (to start, click the "slideshow" tab and then "from beginning")

2.  After a few shifts, please take 20 minutes to watch the below client scenarios:

3.  Before your third week, please complete the Clinic Assistant Exercise & Acknowledgement.

4.  Glen will then contact you to schedule a 90-minute, in-person orientation on substantive legal issues and your responses to the above exercise.

Thank you.